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Gold Shield is a unique provider of such high quality, professional services as: Secure Transportation, Executive/VIP Protection and VIP Personal Assistance. Our clients include high net worth individuals, senior executives, celebrities and dignitaries. Several of our relationship clients are included within the topmost tier of the Forbes 100 List. We are proud of our outstanding, professional reputation in this field.

John Fiordaliso, company Founder and President, has over twenty years experience in professional law enforcement, VIP/personal protection, private security, intelligence and investigation services. Joseph Cuccia, Director of Operations, is a U.S. Marine combat veteran with over twenty years experience in such diverse career positions as: corporate executive, security consultant, executive protection specialist and martial arts instructor.

Our drivers, protection agents and personal assistants are all licensed, bonded and insured. All agents are certified Executive Protection Specialists trained extensively in defensive driving, executive protocol, administrative assistance and personal concierge services. Additionally, our employees are trained and certified in numerous other disciplines such as: martial arts, first aid/CPR, tactical firearms, close quarter defense, surveillance detection, crisis management and all points related to Close Personal Assistance and Protection.

Our typical role as "special assistant" to our clients is, by definition, extremely personal and confidential. We believe we are unique in our abilities to fulfill this role effectively vis-à-vis the logistical, administrative and protective objectives discussed herein.

Gold Shield carefully recruits and trains its agents to ensure that their temperament, appearance and skills meet or exceed our rigorous standards. Unlike some security firms, our agents are all certified protection specialists who are licensed, bonded and insured to operate in those jurisdictions wherein we offer our services. Our reputation is built upon the expertise and diverse backgrounds of our agents. Most are active or former armed, law enforcement officers from federal, state and local agencies.

Brains over brawn is essential to our success. The stereotypical “bodyguard” is portrayed as: a towering linebacker, a massive bodybuilder, a gruff biker/bouncer type, or a “gun for hire”. He might be armed and is probably wearing a black suit, turtleneck and sunglasses. An Executive Protection Specialist, on the other hand, will look and dress like any other member of the principal’s staff. He may be readily introduced as the executive’s assistant without raising an eyebrow. “He” may even be a female.

We encourage and support the ongoing training of our staff through both company developed programs and formal outside courses. The skills set needed for an Executive Specialist go way beyond those of a basic driver, self defense or handgun expert who will, hopefully, get you out of trouble should it happen. Our agents continually hone their skills to both get you out of trouble, but more importantly help you to avoid any trouble while expediting your itinerary and assisting with any other administrative or personal needs.

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