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Executive Protection

Executive Protection is our most comprehensive service offering. It encompasses all of our other services with the primary distinction being the size, duration and scope of the engagement. The title of Executive Protection Specialist may be confused, unfortunately, with the term “bodyguard” which has been stigmatized in the media and in public perception (often rightly so) as a hired gun or Hollywood wannabe. Gold Shield’s agents, however, are all Executive Protection “Professionals” who have distinguished themselves through formal training, self discipline, professional conduct and impressive career experiences. Gold Shield has much experience and an outstanding reputation for high quality, personal security and assistance for senior executives, celebrities, dignitaries and high net worth individuals and families.

Our agents are licensed, bonded and insured. All agents are certified Executive Protection Specialists (EPS), trained extensively in: defensive/evasive driving, martial arts, first aid/CPR, administrative assistance and protocol, surveillance detection and counter measures, crisis management and all points related to Close Personal Protection.

Only the top 10% of the “Security Industry” is capable of providing quality “Executive Protection” services. Furthermore, there are only a few companies nationwide that provide the relentless execution of specialized support for the top tier clients such as ours. The role of “special assistant” is, by definition, extremely personal and confidential. We believe we are unique in our abilities to fulfill this role effectively vis-à-vis the logistical, protective and administrative needs of our clients.

Secure Transportation

Secure transportation is our foremost, basic service. Our driver/agents are all licensed, bonded and individually contracted under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. All agents are professional executive specialists with extensive training in personal assistance, executive protocol and defensive driving. Prior to any engagement, our drivers will plan and familiarize themselves with the routes. They will be aware of potential danger points, as well as alternative roadways, hospitals and other safe locations along the routes. When appropriate, the driver will actually “run” each route and document all checkpoints for status reporting during the engagement.

We utilize large SUV’s as well as mid sized SUV’s and sedans where appropriate. The “principal” vehicle will include emergency lighting and other equipment (e.g., first aid/medical). During particular engagements the driver will ensure that the client has access to bottled water, mints, hand sanitizers, tissues, magazines and newspapers. The driver may or may not be armed depending upon the preferences and procedures for particular clients.

Even though our rates are comparable to those of a typical limousine company, our clients can expect an extraordinary level of support to facilitate his/her visit - safely, efficiently and comfortably.

armed security services


Private Investigations

Gold Shield offers Private Investigation Services to our existing or prospective clients. Consultations are always free and discrete.

Our company has trained Investigators with backgrounds in Federal and State Law Enforcement. Unlike other "Franchise" companies, our clients are assigned a specific investigator for the duration of their case, and will have direct access and communication with that Investigator.

We pride ourselves on keeping the client informed regularly as the investigation proceeds, even if that might result in our recommendation to cease the investigation (e.g., early findings indicate a lack of substance to the client’s suspicions about a particular subject). This gives the client an opportunity to CONTINUE or CEASE (with considerable cost savings). Other firms have been known to simply continue a "wild goose chase" just to run up fees and costs!

Our typical clients range from Law Firms (personal injury cases, matrimonial and insurance related), to average citizens who wish to gain a greater insight as to the personal habits and activities of their significant others.

We conduct Accident Investigations and Reconstructions. Unfortunately, many of us have had a friend or loved one seriously injured or killed in an accident. Oftentimes, we discover that the authorities are "less than forthcoming or cooperative" in providing all the information and causes pertaining to the accident. Many of our Investigators are former Police Accident Investigators experienced at re-constructing accident scenes to provide a clear, accurate representation of what and how the accident occurred.

Other related services include:

•     Video Surveillance
•     Still photo documentation
•     De-Bugging and Electronic sweeps
•     Corporate Investigations
•     Internal Business Investigations
       (fraud/internal employee theft).
•     Criminal Background Investigations
•     Civil litigations support
•     Domestic, Matrimonial, Partnership investigations
•     Identity confirmation, re-locating individuals
•     Cell Phone and Land-line phone number confirmations

Private Investigative Services


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